S. Pinto Souza & Contemporary Realism

S. Pinto Souza – On The Artist

Silvia Pinto Souza is a master of color. She uses mostly acrylic paint mediums on a variety of surface types. She is a painter of Contemporary Realism. Her body of work consists of diverse Series of paintings with themes such as rural and urban landscapes, floral, nature, mosaic paintings, still life, barns, leaves, golf courses, people and pets. Silvia Pinto Souza has also worked on abstract series such as moons, circular conceptions, pink, landscapes of the mind and primitive. Color, bright and strong color, but also shape, light and shadow are what stimulate Silvia Pinto Souza’s inspiration. She paints to the senses, to what speaks to her heart. A beautiful image is must of all what she wants as an end result. Because her main goal in painting is to brighten and bring joy to the beholder: ‘The true objective in Art is the pursuit of happiness, but the world seems to have forgotten about it.’

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