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The paintings below are part of “Toits du Nord, Toits du Sud “ ( Roofs of the North, Roofs of the South ) which is the theme of my new Solo exhibition at the Alliance Française of Houston, Texas, in view from May 1st to July 1st, 2014. In this show I present samples of three of my series of work: Urban Landscapes, Barns and Pueblos Blancos. In my trips to France, I have always been impressed by the looks of the roofs on most buildings. The grandiosity of their height and shape make them appear so majestic. You look up to them as if they always had a grand story to tell of their genteel and noble bearings and the people who built and inhabited them.

In contrast with this feeling of magnificence of a time long past and that I never lived, are the humble roofs of country and colonial dwellings in the south hemisphere which I paint out of a different kind of feeling, the feeling of nostalgia or longing for a life I experienced as a child, a past that I wish I could experience again but that in the uncontrolled hunger for urban expansion and growth is rapidly disappearing. With the paintings of Barns and Pueblos I want to portray with brush and paint the feeling of “time still”, of quiet muted sounds. The eyes wonder up and down the steep streets of a town in plain siesta as if expecting for something to happen, waiting for a story to unfold from behind the next corner… To view more of these series visit www.sps-art.com .

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