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The circle has always fascinated me for its elegance and simplicity. At first glance it appears somewhat trivial, but it is an abstract shape which I find incredibly strong, noble, sensual and feminine. Since the more primitive times it was believed that in the shape of the circle there was something of ‘divine’ and ‘magical’. For some cultures it was a symbol of eternity. For instance the moon was frequently associated to the female body, to fertility and was presented as a powerful and fearless mythological goddess such as the Egyptian Isis, the Greeks Selena and Artemisa, and the Romans Diana and Luna, among others. Until our days the moon continues to be one of the most inspiring elements to artists in all medias. I did not escape the enchantment and have also painted a series called Moons. These paintings called ‘Circular Concepts’ were displayed at a Fashion Show inspired by my ‘Moons’ series which can be viewed at https://sps-art.com/product-category/abstracts/moons/ and ‘Inspiring Fashion’ at https://sps-art.com/about/inspiring-fashion/.


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