“Silver Palm”


This magnificent palm hypnotized me while in one of my trips to South America. I had seen this type of palm many times before, but this one in particular had a majesty of its own which was very hard to ignore. Its size, its color, the yellow of the sun shining on the leaves contrasting strongly with the silver gray of the leaves in the shade…The image was a sublime one. I had to paint this palm tree, its image stuck in my mind for a long time. Gray is a color I was not particularly fond of, but learned its tremendous value while visiting museums in Europe where gray is important; it is the color of every day, especially in the northern countries. Winters are long and artists have gray as a ‘background’ color for many months. Therefore they can master the use of it in so many beautiful ways. I am a ‘tropical person’, and gray is not available that much in my surroundings, so I am still learning how to use it. “Silver Palm’ has been a wonderful ‘workshop’ in the use of gray! By the way, this palm is called Bismarckia Nobilis and is original of Madagascar. To view the various series of my work, please visit www.sps-art.com .

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