Facing West, Facing East


I started work in 2015 with two Mosaic Paintings: "FACING WEST" and "FACING EAST", two very colorful and joyful paintings destined to brighten up one's soul during the cold and sometimes gloomy winter days. I had not done any Mosaic Paintings for quite some time due to the amount of time they take to paint. Keep in mind that each square in the mosaic is painted separately from the others, and some of these paintings can have more than 300 squares. These particular ones have 100 squares each. I know, it is very time consuming, but I love the broken effect that you can only notice when you get close to the painting. People notice something different about the image when they stare at it from a distance, and then little by little start realizing the tile/mosaic effect. I love watching their reaction, that of being puzzled, a bit confused but generally in awe. To view more works of my Mosaic Series please visit www.sps-art.com.

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