Facing West, Facing East


I started work in 2015 with two Mosaic Paintings: "FACING WEST" and "FACING EAST", two very colorful and joyful paintings destined to brighten up one's soul during the cold and sometimes gloomy winter days. I had not done any Mosaic Paintings for quite some time due to the amount of time they take to paint. Keep in mind that each square in the mosaic is painted separately from the others, and some of these paintings can have more than 300 squares. These particular ones have 100 squares each. I know, it is very time consuming, but I love the broken effect that you can only notice when you get close to the painting. People notice something different about the image when they stare at it from a distance, and then little by little start realizing the tile/mosaic effect. I love watching their reaction, that of being puzzled, a bit confused but generally in awe. To view more works of my Mosaic Series please visit www.sps-art.com.

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When leaves change colors from green to glowing yellows, sparkling oranges and warm reds you’ll know that trees are beginning their long winter’s rest. The brilliance of this fall palette is nature’s artistic multicolored autumn farewell. And we in our crazy pace of life crunch and crackle them under our feet often giving ourselves no time to delight in the awesome spectacle of their beauty. In my early morning walks I gather the most colorful ones I find in my path and use them as models for these beautiful Leaf paintings I am so delighted to show you.

To view more of my Leaf Series please visit www.sps-art.com.

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“Silver Palm”


This magnificent palm hypnotized me while in one of my trips to South America. I had seen this type of palm many times before, but this one in particular had a majesty of its own which was very hard to ignore. Its size, its color, the yellow of the sun shining on the leaves contrasting strongly with the silver gray of the leaves in the shade…The image was a sublime one. I had to paint this palm tree, its image stuck in my mind for a long time. Gray is a color I was not particularly fond of, but learned its tremendous value while visiting museums in Europe where gray is important; it is the color of every day, especially in the northern countries. Winters are long and artists have gray as a ‘background’ color for many months. Therefore they can master the use of it in so many beautiful ways. I am a ‘tropical person’, and gray is not available that much in my surroundings, so I am still learning how to use it. “Silver Palm’ has been a wonderful ‘workshop’ in the use of gray! By the way, this palm is called Bismarckia Nobilis and is original of Madagascar. To view the various series of my work, please visit www.sps-art.com .

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Undoubtedly the beautiful Andean land, clinging to the longest mountain range in the world touches deeply the sensibility of any visitor to those lands. Painting them is a challenge, but also a joy. The Andes is my native land, they are ‘my mountains’, ingrained in my memory since childhood, impossible to forget. Piece by piece they are surprisingly mysterious, full of legend and history. Contemplating this generous giant and its imposing peaks one realizes how small we are. The scenic beauty is almost hallucinating; from the distance they feel so near, they take all the space almost leaving no room for the sky; on them the ‘sound of silence’ is all around you.I feel fortunate to have experienced these mountains in real life; they have been the inspiration for several of my Landscape paintings Series (www.sps-art.com) and will continue to be.


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Definitively Still Life paintings are wonderful subjects when I want to experiment with shapes and color. In a way they are more about visual representation than about its supposed objects. This practice of depicting food and objects such as fruits, vessels and flora stretches back to ancient Greece and Rome, and were used both as devotional and secular images.And as it was then, these everyday objects allow today’s artists to display our skills of observation and description of color, shape and texture. Being a contemporary realist artist, I aim to obtain in my Still Life paintings a lighthearted but bright mood, infusing this very classical subject with the flavor of our times. To view more Still Life paintings by S.PintoSouza please visit www.sps-art.com


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Painting of the month: “NANDINA”

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The circle has always fascinated me for its elegance and simplicity. At first glance it appears somewhat trivial, but it is an abstract shape which I find incredibly strong, noble, sensual and feminine. Since the more primitive times it was believed that in the shape of the circle there was something of ‘divine’ and ‘magical’. For some cultures it was a symbol of eternity. For instance the moon was frequently associated to the female body, to fertility and was presented as a powerful and fearless mythological goddess such as the Egyptian Isis, the Greeks Selena and Artemisa, and the Romans Diana and Luna, among others. Until our days the moon continues to be one of the most inspiring elements to artists in all medias. I did not escape the enchantment and have also painted a series called Moons. These paintings called ‘Circular Concepts’ were displayed at a Fashion Show inspired by my ‘Moons’ series which can be viewed at https://sps-art.com/product-category/abstracts/moons/ and ‘Inspiring Fashion’ at https://sps-art.com/about/inspiring-fashion/.


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Happy Mother’s Day! For this important day I prepared this Mosaic of colorful paintings belonging to three of my series: ‘Florals and Nature’, ‘Still Life’ and ‘Mosaic Paintings’. I wanted to create a bright and lush multicolor image that would make the heart vibrate with a feeling of joy for what Mother Nature continues to give us in spite of all the harm we humans continue to cause out of ignorance, egoism or greediness.

Thank you Mother Nature for being so generous with your
love and beauty!

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The paintings below are part of “Toits du Nord, Toits du Sud “ ( Roofs of the North, Roofs of the South ) which is the theme of my new Solo exhibition at the Alliance Française of Houston, Texas, in view from May 1st to July 1st, 2014. In this show I present samples of three of my series of work: Urban Landscapes, Barns and Pueblos Blancos. In my trips to France, I have always been impressed by the looks of the roofs on most buildings. The grandiosity of their height and shape make them appear so majestic. You look up to them as if they always had a grand story to tell of their genteel and noble bearings and the people who built and inhabited them.

In contrast with this feeling of magnificence of a time long past and that I never lived, are the humble roofs of country and colonial dwellings in the south hemisphere which I paint out of a different kind of feeling, the feeling of nostalgia or longing for a life I experienced as a child, a past that I wish I could experience again but that in the uncontrolled hunger for urban expansion and growth is rapidly disappearing. With the paintings of Barns and Pueblos I want to portray with brush and paint the feeling of “time still”, of quiet muted sounds. The eyes wonder up and down the steep streets of a town in plain siesta as if expecting for something to happen, waiting for a story to unfold from behind the next corner… To view more of these series visit www.sps-art.com .

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My mosaic painting series is often the first to catch people's eye. Mosaic painting does not mean I use ceramic tiles. It is paint on a canvas that has been divided in squares as if imitating wall mosaics. I started working on this series – which I now see as a synthesis of my experiments with geometry, color and figure – after observing the square picture elements or pixels that are the building blocks of computer images. I then began to break up the image on the canvas in squares visually disconnecting lines, patches of color and shades, making each square different from the rest. In the case of the flower mosaic paintings, I can dare to say that each square is a miniature abstract painting in itself, detached from the others, but an important and necessary part of a whole. Just as the way nature works: The ‘micro’ is an indispensable part of the ‘macro’. The result is a realistic painting composed of dozens and even hundreds, depending on the size of the canvas, of little square abstract paintings.

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Children are wonderful and spontaneous models to paint. Every movement, every pose, every turn is worth immortalizing in a work of art. But in my paintings of kids, rather than a portrait, I am more interested in painting a mood and to display simply childhood, children being children. In the canvas sometimes the face is shown, most of the times not, which is not so important, because what I like to portray is their spontaneity. My interest as an artist is to observe them at play, when they are having fun, being spontaneously joyful or when totally focused on creating their own pleasure world; that is when I get the best ‘pose’ for my canvases. These paintings tend to have a very simple composition with plain and rather dark backgrounds to allow the vivid contrast of darkness and light concentrate the attention on the child. They don’t have much detail either but are simply representing form, color and atmosphere in the most natural manner possible.

More paintings of kids and pets can be seen in my website www.sps-art.com.


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Nature, my favorite model to paint

“Color, color, color, but also shape, light and shadow are what I find most beautiful in Nature, my favorite model to paint. First impression is what is important when I choose subject matter. Something that has impacted me, like a camera flash, an image I glance at, sometimes without paying much attention, but won’t leave my mind after I walk away. Then if I have the chance I go back and look at it attentively imagining the painting that will come out of that powerful image. If I can’t take the plant, flower or leaf with me, then I gather the information I need with my pocket camera, an essential tool now-a-days for someone who works with images. Then in my studio I make many decisions; the size and shape of the canvas, the technique I will be using to get the impact I want, and what shapes of the image I find more interesting and rewarding, aesthetically speaking. Because a beautiful image is must of all what I want as an end result. Because I paint to the senses, to what speaks to my heart. I want my work to brighten and bring joy to the beholder. That is my main goal in painting”.


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An Introduction

I see myself as an artist whose goal is to bring pleasant and positive thoughts to one’s mind. With my art I believe in giving pleasure to the senses; using the sight of an image to bring comfort to the soul. It can be a roof, a plant, a shadow, a leaf, a sky, a flower, a barn, a fruit; it doesn’t matter how complex or how simple the image is as long as it brightens the viewer’s heart.

My favorite medium is Acrylic paint. I love water based paints which give me more freedom to stretch the properties of the paint to the limits. I like experimenting with countless washes of very thin diluted paint, building up in this manner the various values of color I am looking for. Collage and textures are also important mediums of support, to create on the canvas, the diverse bases I use on my paintings.

To see more art visit www.sps-art.com

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